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Rodrigo Agüero Sopeña

Backgrounds in Music (pianist) and Engineering (B.Sc)

Passionate about Art in most forms,
and about studying its incidence

in the -inexorable- evolution of human qualities

(i.e. understanding how the former is a progressive propeller of the latter).

From a family of

artists (musicians, composers, painters, writers),

scientists, journalists & philosophers

With relatives & ancestors from four main regions:
Southern Bavaria - Rosenheim - Bad Reichenhall - Piding - Salzburg (Germany / Austria)
Veneto, Lombardia & Piemonte (Italy)
Andalucía & Galicia (Spain)

Current activities:

+ Founder & General Manager at


Management & Projects

Named after a traditional expression in Bavaria and Austria,

as shown in the welcome sign at Piding (picture to the left),
15 km to the south-west 
of Salzburg, in Bavaria (German side),

where one of my great grandfathers was born:

Herman Josef Kern (violinist & composer)

+ Consultant & Development at OFEBA /

Opera Festival Buenos Aires

A non-profit cultural and international project, with social character.

It summons world-class artists together with young talented artists

+ Consultant & Editor at DNN /

Diplomatics News Network

A journal featuring news about diplomatic & cultural affairs

corporis sensus

animae impetus

mentis decreta 


(Marco Aurelio, Meditations, Book III - XVI)

To the body, sensations;

to the sensitive soul, passions;

to the mind, values.

Al cuerpo, sensaciones;

al alma sensitiva, pasiones;

a la inteligencia, principios.

+ Director of Operations &

Deputy Intl. Faculty Coordinator at

Euclid University /

Pôle Universitaire Euclide

An intergovernmental treaty-based institution with a university charter,

duly registered in United Nations (treaty series 49006/49007)

and in UNESCO / IAU World Higher Education Database


Audi et alteram partem

(Let us also hear the other sideis EUCLID's motto


"What is to be a superman? His sensations and instincts show, in their fully acquired state, those qualities that in the ordinary man are still in formative state. The virtues that the ideals reflect, the higher conceptions, for whose conquest, in the moral and intellectual fields, the normal man toils, are in a superman definitely attained and assimilated into the zone of stabilized instincts. Be he a poet, artist, musician, philosopher, scientist, hero, leader or a saint; be he an intellectual who develops the powers of thought, or a dynamo of will and action, or a mystic who creates in the field of sentiment and love, he is always, in his fecund impulses, a type of super-consciousness and, in his sublimated personality, a genius. He is the super-type of the future, anticipating the human goals. His zone of life wherein he accomplishes his labor of construction resides in the inconceivable. The normal man may live his whole life without ever mentioning the spirit; for a genius, though, this is the most intense reality of life. Being the result of an immense work over time, he synthesizes the highest products of evolution and race, but he is alone and he knows it. He moves on in a conceptual dimension of his own that only those akin to him can understand. Descended from heaven, he is an exile on Earth, in either expiation or mission, and he dreams of his faraway fatherland. He does not follow the beaten paths; he is able to establish relationships between facts and ideas that others do not see; he is a super-sensitive that soon arrives at truth through intuition; he has nothing to learn; rather, he recollects and reveals. A normal consciousness emerges and founds itself in a rarefied atmosphere. Such anticipation of evolution, is often understood only later." (Pietro Ubaldi, The Great Synthesis, ch. LXXXIII)



"Art [...] is the highest expression of the human soul. Nothing reflects so well an epoch’s dominating idea. At times, it is all grace and suavity; at others, simplicity and power; or still the depths of the pure spirit; or then mere tinsel of empty forms. It always expresses human thought, in either decadence or ascent, more or less nearing on the grand divine order. Thought that now dares, then reposes; now is young, then is exhausted; is at first as much rectilinear and incisive as force, then it is round-softened lines; a foreshortening in descent, an emptiness uselessly leaning on the grandeur of forms. Style, whether calm or audacious, limpid or confusing, weary or powerful, always represents the external expression of the human soul, of the infinite’s mystery that in it throbs. As all that which exists possesses an outer semblance, expression of the soul, revelation of the divine thought that in the universe speaks ceaselessly, so art is revelation of the spirit." (Pietro Ubaldi, The Great Synthesis, ch. C)


General Management

Rodrigo Agüero Sopeña

​Tel: +54 911 5095 7373​

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